Thursday, February 02, 2006

Husbands are the most frustrating creatures!

So hubby has discovered online poker. Am I happy? NO! damn I can't get him off the damn computer. And I used to bitch about the amount of time he and his buddy played X-Box. Yes what was that saying "Becareful what you wish for???"

When I can get a moment on the computer my train of thought is interrupted a dozen times by him asking me questions like "How long to do I boil eggs for?" and "I read this article today on Cowher." *smcking forhead* Yes I am back to thinking of renaming this blog "Things I think about when my husband talks football." Thankfully there is only 1 game left. *yea, I see the light*

My heroine while apparently hating her name hasn't been kind enough to tell me what she likes. I've been pouring over namebooks and listening to her endless complaints over each one that catches my eye. Told her she better pipe up or I am moving on to one of my historicals. *nodding* That should smarten her up, but since she is a figment from my thought processess, it won't.

Been looking through my "GoodFaeries/BadFaeries" book by Brian Froud. A couple of the little munchkins started announcing their positions in my mideavel piece.
Hhhmmm faeries in a romance?? It could happen. Now the question is would they help or hinder? That all depends on their mood I would assume.


Tori Lennox said...

Have you considered threatening your heroine that you'll call That Nameless Bimbo if she doesn't shape up? *g*

Paxa said...

Had an ephiany (hurt too), what about Pricilla? Nicknames could alternate between Pris, Prissy, or Silly.

*Hanging head* Sorry, sounded good when it popped in my head

FeyRhi said...

ROFL!! Tori that's the best idea I've heard. Hereby until further notice the character formerly known as Thea shall be referred to as 'That Nameless Bimbo'.

Ouch Paxa, did ya take an asprin *G*
I appreciate the suggestion but considering who she is doing multiple times..."Prissy" just doesn't seem fitting. LOL