Sunday, February 19, 2006

My treat to myself.

Ok I realize that my posts of late have been a tad on the "woah is me" side of life. I realize this so today is going to be about something completely silly but cool.

I finally got a new coffee mug. Now I know this is not that big of a deal but it made me happy. Best thing was on sale! LOL Now I have wanted a big latte cup for ages and this one has the added feature of being covered in pictures of chocolate and looks as though there is choccy overflowing the rim. Really what else does a girl need in a mug? Perfect for morning coffee and my cuppa tea when I write.

Writing it going well. I am working on my contest entry and if all goes well then I will be sending it in this week. My only concern is getting a SASE. I mean how can I buy american stamps here? Also they stipulate no metered postage? Hell, what's that?

So I am putting my faith in the postal outlet near my work that they will be able to help me. May the postage gods hear my plea. Perhaps I had better send a prayer to Hermes himself, before he reads my book and realizes what I did to him. (eek)


Mechele Armstrong said...

Pretty mug. And yay on being almost ready to send off the entry!

FeyRhi said...

*muah* Thanks Michele, yea it rocks, I'm drinking out of it as I type this.
Entry is officially entered and now I'm counting the days till April when I hear back from them. I might need to start spiking my coffee, jsut to settle my nerves of course. Purely medicinal reasons *BG*