Friday, February 10, 2006

Throughts from the Creative Side of Life

Things have taken an decidedly craftier tone around the house lately. I'm cross-stitching again. Not sure why but I found a small one I had been working on years ago. It's a wee winter star(pentagram)that I got as a freebee when I placed an order with Witches Stitches. Damn that has to be at least 4 years ago now. I just noticed that you can download that star pattern from the website for free. I'll put up a picture of mine when I have it finished. I'm about halfway through my "Green Man". Haven't touched that in over a year either.

*sigh* I'm getting off topic LOL

I have discovered that doing a bit of stitching actually gets my creative side rumbling much more then knitting. I rewrote a couple scenes in my book and am much happier with them. Perhaps knitting is so mechanical for me that I don't have to be creative...with cross stitching I have to follow the charts and sort through colourful skeins of thread and the colours are changing much more frequently then when I knit. OR perhaps it's as simple as I need to set down my knitting needles for a bit. What ever works right?

Went to Michaels to pick up some floss yesterday, I let the girls pick out a rug hooking kit each. I think I was about their age when I first tried it. Teaghan is a latching fiend! She has been sitting at the kitchen table for the last two night working on her and is she ever getting quick! Ryleigh has one as well but her attention span is much shorter. I'll be sure to add pictures when I have them.

Speaking of creative... Is this not an amazing cover for a book! I absolutly love it. Not sure what it is about it, but that misty magical current dancing along her finger tips is awesome. This is Michele Armstrong's newest book cover. Available through Loose-Id in the, hopefully, near future. I'm not sure the exact release date but there is her first book in the series, Blood Kiss that is already available.


Beth Ciotta said...

You cross-stitch? You knit?! I'm so envious! Two things I'd love to do, but will probably never take the time to learn. Well, maybe twenty years from now. As for Michaels, I try to steer clear of that place. I swear I go in for one thing and end up spending $100!

Glad to hear the writing is going well! Keep on, keepin' on. And thanks for sharing Mechele's cover. Gorgeous!

Mechele Armstrong said...

I'm always envious of people that do crafty things. Neat your girls are getting into it.

LOL I end up with high hopes in Michael's on doing crafts *sigh*.

*beams* LOL you made me smile. Thank you! I love that cover too, it's so pretty *dreamy sigh*.

FeyRhi said...

Hiyas Beth! Yea, I got a crafty gene as far as needlework goes, painting drawing or anything like that I am hopeless *G*

I love to start projects....not so good at finishing them. But not with writing *stomping foot* I am determined.

Oh and I am the same with Michaels. Went in to get one bit of embroidery floss, came out with three and 2 rug hooking kits LOL

The cover gods have blessed Michele without a doubt. :o)

FeyRhi said...

I'm glad I could make you smile Michele, that cover rocks!

Needle work is the extent of my craftyness though. Tried that modpodge stuff wasn't pretty. LOL