Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I need more hours in the day.

I think that hardest part of writing is actually sitting down and getting it done. During the day I think of what I want to write. I'll perhaps plan out exactly what it is I want to get done. I have a 35 minute commute to and from work every day and the time is always spent with the music blaring and my mind on my writing.

Trouble is when I finally get the girls to bed, and after 50,000 interruptions, I can actually put my thoughts to paper (computer screen)..........They're gone. Or I can't let go of what has gone on during the day and the harder I try the less the right side of my brain works and then I end up like I am right now. Pissed off and frustrated.

Yes I have a f'n platter full of crap in my life right now and I am juggling them pretty well but the one thing that is suffering the worst (besides my housework)
is my writing and that is the one thing I want to do the most.

I have thought of getting up earlier and squeezing in some "me" time then. Yea great idea till the alarm goes off at 5 am. Then all I can think about is how I want to get up but can't 'cause I am so tired and then I feel guilty. Yea so the early idea is just setting my self up for failure.

Trouble is my children as night owls just like me, so they don't go to sleep at 8 or even 9 like I wish. It can b 10:30 and they are stil awake calling out every once in a while. And I don't have to say that the moment I sit down is the moment I get my name called.

Where is my unemployed hubby you might ask. Playing online poker of course. Sure he tells the girls to stop yelling for mummy; but then he yells upstairs from the living room and I am a few steps away trying to write. I guess he doesn't realize listening to him get impatient with the kids is just as distracting.


ok I think I am done whining.....maybe not but I'll stop inflicting you with my endless complaints.

I just need to feel inspired.

I need all the crap in my life to suddenly dissapear.

I need to win the lottery so I can move to Wales and sit in my garden just behind my thatched cottage with my laptop and write. Or better yet a hammock in Puerto Vallarta. Yea I bet I'd get tons of writing done then. In between my naps of course.


Mechele Armstrong said...

I'm nodding.

Good luck finding time to write.

FeyRhi said...

Thanks Michele I can use all the luck I can get. I'll be sure to send some "spare time" Karma your way too *G*