Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Pierced, Cheap Book, Wild Duck, Day

I love days like today. What started as a normal boring laundry filled day off, ended quite differently.

My oldest suddenly announced that she wanted to get her ears pierced. I know many won't realize the feat that this is but my daughter is prone to anxiety and tends to worry herself to death over little things. As of her 7th birthday I told her that she could get her ears pierced when ever she wanted. It's been a year and a half and every once in a while she mentions it but doesn't want to do it yet. We were wandering through the mall and she whispered to hubby that today she was ready. So it was off to the drug store to get an 'emla' patch.(it numbs the skin) She kept saying that she was a little bit scared but didn't want to change her mind.

We let her pick which ever pair she wanted and after a painless split second click; she was sporting a sparkly pair of earrings. She is so proud of herself and obviously so am I. This was a big step for her and we made a big deal out of her bravery. Of course it took forever to get out of the mall because she had to stop and admire her ears in every mirror she spotted.

My youngest is counting down the days to her 7th birthday.

Then I found a book sale. 10% off already reduced paperbacks. WooHoo!!!
Picked up an anthology called "Man of my Dreams" Featuring Sherrily Kenyon, Maggie Shayne, Suzanne Forester and Virginia Kantra; "Bait" by Karen Robarts, and "Behind the Mask" by Metsy Hingle. I've never seen Ms. Hingles work before so I'm looking forward to reading it. Who knows I might have just stumbled on my next favourite author.

When we got home I cooked up some wild duck. One of my customers at work was kind enough to give me some to try. It was awesome if I do say so myself. I fried bacon and onion in the pan and then placed the two breasts in the middle of it. Now my customer suggested making a cranberry sauce using a bunch of cranberries, brown sugar and maple syrup and then let it simmer into a sauce. But I didn't have whole cranberries and instead ad-libbed and put a quarter can of jellied cranberry sauce in the pan with everything else.

The result was awesome. I loved it and so did the girls. My youngest annouced she wanted to eat that everyday and my oldest liked it as well. Hubby refused to try it as it doesn't fall into the "oink,moo,cluck" catagory. The only meats he will eat. Go figure I love experimenting with food and I marry a man who is the fussiest eater on the planet.

After a good read and soak in the tub, I am revamping my novel. I'm still cool with the beginning. It's the rest I'm not sure about. I'm goign to attempt plotting and see if that helps. There is a great post on Angela Knights blog that I found helpful.
Look to the left her name in in my daily reads.

I also looked into so online classes from a local college that I might take in the spring. One is "Grammer for Writers" LOL. Without a doubt that will be the first one I take. Then there is "Writing for Publication I & II" and a class on Romance Writing and "Suspense and Mystery Writing" Should keep me out of trouble for the next year. *G*

Just as a side thought I wish there were smilies on this site. I love using them. There has to be some sort of way to do it? hmmm something new to play with LOL


FeyRhi said...

For some strange reason Michele's commment didn't show up in this spot, I'm hoping that adding another comment will jump start it. Bazarre Bazarre

Thanks for reading Michele! It's been a couple days and she is still glowing about it, and running into the bathroom to look at them. LOL

FeyRhi said...

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Mechele Armstrong said...

That's so neat on the oldest. She sounds a bit like mine.

And too cool on the book sale.

Good luck with the classes.
2/04/2006 12:12 PM