Tuesday, March 14, 2006

*blink* Half way already!

Day 5 already! Damn why does time fly when you are on vacation? I'm still up north and planning to head home this evening. Of course thanks to mother nature my trip may be extended by another day.

Temperature had plummeted, Snow squalls forecasted for this morning and early afternoon. So I'm gonna hang out till is blows over and then see what the roads are like.

Haven't written a word while I've been up here but what better excuse for procrastination then visiting with family. Right?

I've got lots of pictures which I am sure will make their way onto this blog as soon as I get home and can download(or is it upload) them from the camera.

Got a boat load of crappy news with an email yesterday that stated that my contest entry will be returned due to a lack of entries in the category I entered. What a bummer! I replied asking if I could jump into another category. Haven't heard anything back yet.

  • Mary Stella
  • was quick to let me know of another one that is coming up. I have to have a peak at their rules when I get home and see what I need. *fingers crossed* For some reason I can't access their website from my brothers computer. Bizarre?

    I'm off to pull on another sweater, I hate the cold!


    Tori Lennox said...

    Time flies when you're having fun. *g* (Though I've come to the conclusion times just flies, no matter what you're doing. Except maybe when you're waiting at the doctor's office or the DMV....)

    Jenn said...

    Ola!! Good luck on the contest!!!

    FeyRhi said...

    I couldn't agree more Tori, the week leading up to this week off seemed like an entire year. I was so glad to finally get out of there now I almost have to go back! *wailing*

    *BG* Thanks Jenn. I'll keep ya posted. Hell if I was to get any good news you might just hear my scream all the way down in your neck of the woods.