Wednesday, September 06, 2006

12 thousand just isn't a whole lot anymore

I remember a few years back when I made my first attempt at serious writing. It was a contest put on by Harlequin. They had one of their authors write the beginning of a short story and then the contestants had to finish it less then 5 thousand words.

I remember thinking that 5 thousand was so much. I was used to doing RPG's, from 1 POV, where if you cranked out a few hundred it was considered a big post.

I got it done, still have it hidden somewhere too LOL. Not my greatest work (coughsucksrocks)but I am proud of the fact that the goodie two-shoes they had created as the hero; Well I managed to turn it around and make him a obsessed psychopath. The Heroine fell in love with the misunderstood tattoo ridden biker. *G* Obviously I didn't win. I will admit the writing is rough and riddled with gramatical mistakes. My only goal with that one was to actually enter it. It took me a good 20 minutes to hit the send button and then I panicked for another 20. But it was a learning experience.

I've attemped other small goals here and there. Accommplished a few. Missed a few. I did managed 50,000 in 30 days last year for NaNoWriMo. It was 35% crap but the rest of it morphed into "Believeing is Seeing". It's on the back burner now. I have to take a fresh look at it in a few weeks.

Oh damn I'm off track again. Right now I am working on 12 thousand and it's just not enough words. I am almost at 4 grand and the 2 main characters have just met. I have to get them into bed, fun/funky sex, fall in love, have a black moment and HEA in only 8 thousand words. Oh Shit!

The rational part of my brain suggested that I could just gloss over the sex part, do a closed door thing. My creative side is still laughing hysterically.

Man I have over a month to get it done and I am alredy stressing myself out. The black moment happens Christmas eve/Morning, but why? I mean it is a christmas story but the idea I have could occur at any given holiday not just the cold one so there fore what is the point. I have to get more detailed. I need a reason WHY Christmas and not any other holiday.

So far my creative side is stuffing its self with chocolate and my muse is off practicing with his sword. That's what I get for having a pagan muse. Stay tuned I'm sure I will have it all figured out by tomorrow.
...or maybe the next day
.....the weekend at the latest.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Writing short is HARD. I mean I'm not the most wordy author, but I looked at the lower word counts for stuff and go "Ack."

FeyRhi said...

I can completely understand that statement right now. BUT I will not start worrying about it until I have the complete story done. Then I can edit it down to what it needs to be. I hope.