Friday, September 29, 2006

Heading East....really East

In an on going attempt to find help for my oldest daughter we are heading farther East. Not actually moving physically but in our direction of medical aid. She's been going to an Eastern European Naturopath and that isn't working. Not to mention that fact that I have paid this woman almost $500 in the last two months. That's not why we are changing. I have followed the directions to the letter, making up lists on the fridge door so hubby will know how much to give her at what time and all that. But still she isn't sleeping, her frustration level is the highest I've seen in a long time, her outbursts at the school are rising and her self-esteem is falling.

I'm ready to tear my hair out. Had a lovely (snort) talk on the phone with her teacher this morning. She relayed everything my darling frustrating child has been doing in class. All I had to say was "Why didn't you call me?" Hubby was the one how called and left a message yeaterday for her just to touch base. I mean how can we help at home if we have not idea how distuptive she is being at school. Not the mention that teachers have a nack for making you (me) feel like the worse parent on the planet. Which is why I hate parent/teacher interviews. I'll save that tangent for another time.

There is a new Dr. in the mall near us that uses Chinese medicine and actupuncture. We're going to try that route and see if it helps. I have done research on the medications that the school suggested and refuse to put her on them. I don't know maybe it's just me put putting a pre-puberty, hormonal girl on mood altering drugs just doesn't seem the right idea. Call me crazy.

I'm also considering signing her up for some Yoga classes. Maybe if she learns how to calm herself she will be able to control herself a bit better. Right now she says she can't stop them they just happen.

Option A failed so now we are on to Option B and if that doesn't work then I'll figure out an Option C and so on. Until then I'll just keep hiding in my stories after my children go to bed.

Finished the short story and most edits, although I'm sure there will be many more before the 10th. Now I have to tackle the evil synopsis. Although I was thinking about is and a synopsis is really just like a book report I figure. I was good at those in school so I am not anticipating any real trouble, and will no doubt procrastinate until the last minute. LOL The reports I got the highest grades on were the ones I wrote the night before or on the bus on the way to school. Bazarre, but what ever works.

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