Friday, September 15, 2006

Why is being Healthy so expensive??

Wrote another cheque to the naturopath today OUCH!! I'm trying to do the right thing and help my daughter in a more health conscious way but F**k me! It's expensive. Not to mention the arguments when my daughter doesn't like how something tastes.
Today we discussed her diet and I was given a list of foods she can and can't eat. The main thing. No diary, No wheat and No sugar.

Have you ever noticed how expensive food is in the "healthy" section of the grocery store??

She's 9 what the hell else am I saposed to feed her! Personally I feel that making lunches for school is a form of torture, add to that the fact that I am limited in what I can put in there. aaarrrggghhhh (I'm just venting right now as you can tell.)

Well I guess we'll see what the next few weeks will bring. If it helps and keeps her off any sort of perscription and more importantly helps her sleep then wonderful. I can't wait.

On the writing front my graph moved very little but I was tweekeing some parts of what I had already written. So lots of review and rewriting but very little in the way of new works or great jumps in word counts. My goal is to be at the 12G mark by Monday night. That will leave me 3 weeks to edit it and get it ready for an actual submission. Just the thought makes my heart beat a bit faster.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Tweaking it is a good thing. You can do it. Get to that 12G mark! Submit. You can do it *G*. I'll pull out the pom poms.

Yes, healthy food is expensive. I hope it helps your daughter.

FeyRhi said...

Get them pom poms on the ready cause I'm gonna make you use them LOL. Thanks so much for being supportive. Your just awesome. *muah*