Saturday, September 16, 2006

You let them watch what!!

My girls have reached the ages where I'm not a hundred percent sure what is and is not appropriate anymore. My husband on the other hand does not have the same hair trigger that I do. Essentially he lets them get away with more then I would. I've started wondering if perhaps I have gotten to the point that I'm I being overprotective?

Keep in mind that my girls are 7 and 9. If I had my way they would still be playing princess and watching Barbie movies. Even I know that is unrealistic for my 9 year old. I don't see anything wrong with keeping kids young. They grow up so goddamn fast already why rush it?? The other side to that coin in that in our world, the naive are taken advantage of.

So what triggered this rant you may ask? I got home from work today and my girls were all chatty about the shows that daddy let them watch *groan*

Now I watch both these shows on occasion and enjoy them. 'Mind Freak' is a little bazarre at times but essentially harmless. Let's face it Criss Angel is an amazing magician and a talented showman. The two of them weren't too impressed with the stunt where he cut himself in half. That creeped me a bit too. I started thinking the perhaps it wasn't so bad because it helped me talk to them about what was real and what wasn't. Sure it looked like he made the cat float and turn pages but it's just a trick. I don't think they believed me but it's a start.

Then there is DOG. A bit violent but he is catching bad guys and taking them to jail. He is sympathetic to others and I have to admit I do like the continual references to how important family is. My 7 year old loves Beth. After being asked why she said "'Cause she is the only girl and she catches bad guys." Good point.

So I have been flipping back and forth between giving hubby hell and resigning myself to the fact that it is ok to let the girls watch some shows that depict another side of life I keep them sheltered from. Just once in a while though.

Fact is: my babies are growing up and I'm not happy about it!

4 comments: said...

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FeyRhi said...

I took and peak and his forum is kinda cool. Great another distraction. Didn't get my 1,000 words done tonight. Sokay, I'll stress in the morning. *G*

Myfanwy said...

It seems to me that at one time I said exactly the same thing to your father!
Look how good you turned out? Dog can be a little corny but he has a good heart. Criss Angel makes me uncomfortable at times too. I would also be concerned at how your oldest processes that information. Hmmmm.
"Blog of the Day" How nice! Such a discerning man.

Marissa Alwin said...

KNow what you mean about babies growing up! *Sniffle* wait til they get learner's permits and get behind the wheel of a car!

I have to watch what my older two let my yongest watch! but i think talking to them about the shows is a good thing, opens up lots of avenues of conversation! Your girls seem to have mature outlooks on the shows too! Love her way of looking at Beth!

Blog of the day!And that Christmas short graph is really moving!!! YAY!!