Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just a spit over half way

It's getting there. I did a bit of a jump tonight. I was getting hung up on the details all day and I knew I had to get a good amount done in order to keep on schedule. So I jumped ahead a bit got the black moment and ending written.
Well more like a detailed sketch of it all; still a start that I can tweek and polish after it is all done.

Now usually I find naming my characters difficult but this time they agreed failry quickly. Holly and Brand. No I;m having a dispute over hair colour. I've written Holly as a blond and Brand with sandy brown hair. According to Holly this evening she has Red hair and Brand is the blond. *sigh* Not sure if I agree with her but for now I'm letting her have her way. She's a little bratty and I want to keep her talking.

I still fear I'm going to have too many words by the time it's done. Better too many then not enough I guess. I'll just be editing things out and tightening it up a bit here and there. Of course while I was writing I realized not only do I need a good detail why this is happening at Christmas but I also need an incantation of sorts or spell would be a better term. Dammit.

Well I'll worry about that later, next week. This week I am concentrating on getting the basic story done. Late next week I will add and improve my descriptive stuff. You know all the stuff that's not dialogue LOL.

I'll jsut leave a big ???? for that parts that need the actual spell and then I can add it later when it comes to me.

Sounds easy huh? I wish


Mechele Armstrong said...

Glad it's going well. LOL gotta love those bratty characters. Hope they keep speaking.

I've skipped a scene before and come back. It's all in what works. Get 'er done.

FeyRhi said...

Ima gettn' I'ma gettn' Just took a bit of a break yesterday and otday to reformulate and finish the sweater I have been knitting for the youngest. *G*