Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ernesto decided to come for a visit

And I can't wait till he leaves!!! Damn storm had to show up on the Labour Day weekend too. How rude. LOL

So today is chilly and rainy. More like what a May 2-4 weekend is like rather then the last 'hurrah' of the summer. This weekend is the annual "Ribfest" downtown. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Hopefully the rain will lay off for a couple hours tomorrow afternoon so we can go down. Who am I kidding we will go anyways, it will just be more fun if we aren't cold and wet.

Hubby goes for the meat, I don't mind that but my favourite part is the baked beans. mmmmmmmm beans on toast. My favourtie last year was from a place called "bibbs Ribs" If I remember correctly they are out of Naples Florida. There was another place too, I think it was called Camp 21...or Alabama 21 or they are from Alabama. I can't remember the name but I remember the BBQ.

So I'm planning to cozy up tonight in a fuzzy sweatshirt and ratty jeans and write. Might want to add a large glass of red wine or two as well. It is Saturday after all.

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