Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An obvious avoidence of reality

Reality? What exactly is it? I heard it sucks, not interested in paying it any attention.

They're Back!!!!!!!!!!

Mark it on your calendar thrill seakers. This Thursday 9:oopm is the official beginning to the long awaited second season of 'Supernatural'. The first episode is called "In My Time Of Dying" and picks up right after the final episode last year "Devil's Trap". I never thought I would find a replacement for Buffy when they cancelled her but this show fills the void nicely. Best part is one of my coworkers is now addicted to it too (yes I corrupted her) so I will have someone else to babble endlessly with regarding what happens all year. I got Season One on DVD and have been we have been watching it during our lunch hours. LOL

Officially 14 days left till my submission deadline for my short story. I have the story down and need to smooth out the rough sections. I've left a 1,000 word buffer for tweeking and my overuse of adjectives. Although my creative side has taken a beating this week, I am endevoring to work over all of that. Since reality has no meaning for me today I hope to get as much done as possible.

Tomorrow is going to be a brutally emotional day which might burn me out for awhile. But that is tomorrow not today.

Today I plan to stay within the arms of my muse and let him handle reality with the point of his sword.

**added note**

Did you know there is actually a place called Mystic in Conneticut? I was planning on setting my story in New England. Since it has a paranormal theme, how could I not have it unfold it that town? Just perfect *G*


Marissa Alwin said...

(((HUGS))) I am sorry to hear about your aunt. you and everyone her life touched are in my thoughts.

Reality hasn't been a fun place to be for me either lately. Trying to get lost in writing but thought i would drop in and say hello!

YAY on ending your story! and good luck smoothing over the rough sections! Been to Mystic a few times, New England is definitely the place for the paranormal!


Paxa said...


You can do it chica! It's the light at the end of the tunnel, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the....HEY! Don't roll your eyes at me when I'm trying to be encouraging *G* I'm being supportive, so there!


FeyRhi said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me Mo. I tend to do the same thing, when reality really bites I go offinto my own worlds where I can fix things with a press of the "delete" button. I have to visit Mystic now I just love the name and I've never been to that part of states.

FeyRhi said...

((((PAZ))))I'd never roll my eyes at you chicka...well at least I'd never admit to it *muah* I appreciate every note I get from you too.