Thursday, October 26, 2006

Never judge a book (or juice) by it's cover

I found this juice at the grocery store near my work. I had popped over there to get some lunch/dinner and was browing the organic section and found this product called "Arthur's Green Energy". Considering I was on an evening shift and dead tired already I figured 'what the hell' it can't hurt. Thankfully I didn't look at the actual juice before I bought it 'cause I never would have. The stuff looks like split pea soup. Really nasty colour green, after I opened it I almost tossed it cause I wasn't sure if I could bring myself to drink it.

The fact that I still had 4 hours to go on my shift was what had me closing my eyes and taking a good swallow. I figured if it made me gag then I could toss it guilt free. I couldn't have been more wrong. Despite the nauseous colour the stuff is AWESOME!! I love it.

Yea it's a bit pricy compared to other juices. A $1.99 for 375mls...but I dont' even blink over paying $1.50 for a large coffee a couple times a day and this stuff is a hell of a lot better for me. I've slowly been trying to wean my self off my multiple caffine fixes, I'm down to 2-3 a day. This I hope will replace my afternoon coffee. *G*

Other then that, I've been busy as hell over the past few days. Hallowe'en parties for the girls in their Guide and Brownie groups. Teaghan's Guide group went to the Long Term Care Home for their party. The residents at the home are just so sweet. A few of the 2nd and 3rd year Guides were so excited about going. Last year they had their meetings at the home once a month.Accoding to them it's like going to see your grandparents only you have like 50 of them. LOL

They decorated paper lunch bags for Hallowe'en and then filled them with candies for the Women's Shelter. To be honest I never realized that if a woman is in a shelter with her kids then there is a good possibility it is too dangerous for her to take them "trick or treating". I don't know why this never occurred to me but when it was brought up it made sense.

The girls sang creapy halowe'en songs and visited. As a way to break the ice, it was suggested that the girls take their bags around and have the residents autograph them before they were filled. It was a brillient idea. It gave the girls something to talk about and the resident's got to visit with them all. I had a lovely chat with a woman who calls herself "Nessie". She's from Scotland and hugged everyone who got close enough for her to reach. She was just so sweet, I can't wait to go back and have a chat with her again. She has one son, and wished that all the girls were her daughters, including me. *G*

There was also another woman named Myrtle who is 100 years old. That is very impressive for someone who is 9. Teahgan got all wide eyed and blurted out "WOW you are so lucky to have lived so long!" Myrtle smiled and just nodded her head slightly.

I think I am going to press that we have more meetings there. This is my first year with this group and the new leader kinda wasn't sure about monthly visits. I think it ia great idea for both the girls and the residents. What a wonderful impression to leave on these young girls that you need to remember your elders. They have lived full lives and have so much knowledge to share.


Sam said...

Hi there!
I write under my own name (Jennifer Macaire) at Nano - and I hope I can make it to 50k this year - it's my third year and I've gotten as far as 45k!! LOL!

That green juice looks good (from the bottle) is it made of grass?

What name do you use for Nano? Maybe we can be 'friends' there!

frenchpeas said...

Sounds like it would be great to have more meetings there (if not every month then bi-monthly or for major holidays). What a great opportunity for everyone to learn and have some fun!

PS - Under a week .... *grins*

FeyRhi said...

Hi there Sam, I NaNo under the name FeyRhi, I'd love to be added to your friends list *G*

The ingredient list for the juice is: Apple Juice, Banana Puree, Passionfruit Juice, Prune Plum Puree, Spirulina, Soy Lecithin, Wheat & Barley Grasses, Vitamin C.

Spirulina is a type of good algea so I think that's what causes the colour to be so distinct.

Ahem There Miss Frenchie but have you signed up yet??? I's gonna nag ya! 3 sleeps left WooHoo

Myfanwy said...

this is your mother!!!
How do I get the Nano counter on my blog???? and the daily reads????...and the links?
love ya,

FeyRhi said...

*cough* I know who you are Myfanwy, Sheesh yourself. I'll ahve to give you directions over the phone cause it would take too long to type it all out for ya.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Interesting juice. I'll have to check it out. *G* gross out my girls.

I'm on the fence about NaNo. I have a lot to write and I'm soooo behind. We'll see.

Very cool on the women's shelter visit. That's great.