Saturday, October 14, 2006


I find it ironic that his name is the same as the first man according to the bible; and this young man believes in the 'big bang' and reincarnation. Just a hmmmm.

Adam is the name of a 20year old energy healer. This young man has a gift that made an early showing in his life. He was just about 17 or so when he healed a member of my husband's family. Since then he has grown in his own power and has had to make some hard decisions. He no longer does one on one healings, to do so would mean that he would have a line up "from here to China" for the rest of his life. He has chosen instead to teach. According to this young man there is nothing paranormal or magical in what he does. Yes he is much more in tune with the ability but anyone can learn. He kinda makes me think of him as a native shaman or medicine man. Except that he is 15 years younger then me but has an aura about him that is much older.

His is introduced by his father Frank. (I was able to meet both Frank and his wife Liz and they are very wonderful people). Adam steps up to the platform dressed simply in jeans and a polo, a tatto on his arm peeking slightly out from under one sleeve. He looks like a normal college student, but there is something behind his eyes. An old soul?

The first part of the seminar in very scientific. He talks about quantum holograms and energy fields. It is a bit hard to follow in parts, physics was never my strong point, but I managed to keep up. He did say that he simplifies it to make it easier to understand but not so simple that it is no longer accurate. The point he wants to make is that scientists can almost completely prove what he is doing. Science is a bit behind him but he has all the faith that they will catch up. I am not a scientist, but I will do my best to touch on the highlights. He even explained E=MC2 and I understood it. LOL

We (the universe) all started from one energy field and because of that we are all connected. It is through the use of this field he is able to do distance healings. It also means that everything we do affects the universe. Both good and bad.

As a pagan I try to keep in mind the threefold rule. What ever you send into the univers will come back threefold, both good and bad. It sounded like he was saying the same thing. Also the power is in positive thought!

There are two healings over the course of the day. The first he askes for everyone to concentrate on them selves and for the second later in the afternoon he explains how to project to someone else.

I didn't have any problem raising energy. It is the same way you start when you raise a circle before a spell. Also expanding your aural, done that in protective spells for the house. BUT being in a room while everyone around you is doing the same. Now I understand why many pagans form covens. DAMN! It was incredibly powerful. I felt as if I was in the middle of a windstorm, only everthing around me was still. I c0uld envision my hair whipping around my head, but there was never a breeze. Fuck'n amazing is the best I can come up with.

During the second healing I could sense something walking behind me. Now that was impossible because Adam has everyone pull their chairs up close to each other. Trust me NO room to walk. And yet it felt as though soemthing was drifting over my shoulders and back, then there was a strange twitching below my left eye, kind like if someone was lightly stroking my cheekbone. Again no one there. Fasinating, scarey, and exhilerating all at once. Makes me wish I wasn't a solitary. LOL

I've tried to explain it a few ways how he does it but it doesn't come out right. So I've given up. If you have a chance to see him, I highly recommend it. He has also written a few books on his experiences as he learns. They are available through his website and Amazon.

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