Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anything and everything you might want to watch.

Ruh Roh Raggy! I might have found a new addicition. I just lost 2 hours of my life to "YouTube". Don't get me wrong I certaintly don't consider it wasted. In fact if you click on the link you will see one of the many clips I was waching. Yes, I can watch as many highlights from Supernatural as I want! 24/7 baby! and I swear I will never get sick of that show (coughdeancough)

Okay so yea I should be working on BiS and I will... now that I have managed to get myself away from the website. It's really dangerous. They have everything there. Gots some really freaky shit too but for now it is a good way to get a 'fix' between Thursdays.

On the writing front I actually submitted my short story to a real life editor for possible publication if she accepts it. Took be forever to get up the nerve to hit send and then kinda freaked out. I mean what if I missed something or misspelled something? What if I misspelled my own name???

I have been reassured that post submission nerves are normal and to get used to them because they don't go away. LOL Well if it means that I'm 'living the dream', then I think I can handle it. Of course I'm not going to be living much if I don't finish what I have started.

For Nanowrimo this year I am going to work on the sequal to BiS. I am hoping to created a trilogy out of what I have started so I need to find a link or story arc to run through all 3 books. Not the same characters or same conflicts because how boring would that be? But something to tie them together. Aphroditie is featured in every book but she won't have a story to herself. My first story features Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death); ever since I started writing that I figured that my second would feature Bacchus, and my third I'm not sure. I've done some research on Eros but there are so many interesting God/dess' to choose from.

As for my ultimate villian??? I'm not gonna tell *G* Although I already know who it is. No not Hades, poor guy has such a bad wrap. hmmm perhaps I'll feature him in my third, depends on the heroine though. As soon as she introducse herself to me then I can decide which one of those two wil drive her the most nuts.


Marissa Alwin said...

YAY on the submission! now starts the squeezing the eyes shut everyday when you open your inbox... nervous to see a reply and frustrated when you don't LOL. I am so excited for you and have my fingers crossed!

Now cracking the Whip on BIS! you know thinking of new what if ideas is the largest excuse for procrastination! along with *hangs head* writing and replying to blogs! but i have learned that procrastination is part of the genetic imprint of all writers.

The characters coming from a the same "World" and that aphrodite is involved in them all might be enough to make them part of a Trilogy or series.

FeyRhi said...

I couldn't agree more, reading and writing blogs is my favourite form of procrastination. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has this bad habit *G*