Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm wrecked.

Wrecked, Exhausted, Beat, Worn out. You name it, I'm so there. This weekend is a long weekend for us Canucks. Thanksgiving to be exact so of course I was asked about 14 million times "What wine goes good with Turkey?"

That isn't why I am exhausted. We were totally short staffed yesterday and today so I was working stock much more then usual. We had a thousand case load yesterday and the day before, and only 3 of us to work on it. That means we are slugging roughly 333 cases of product each. Believe me some of those scotch cases weigh a ton!

I have completely gotten out of shape in the last couple years. Paritally because I've been spoiled working in store that has a night crew. All the loads and majority of stock work gets done while the rest of the world sleeps. Also with the position I am in now, I wasn't as involved in general stock. But now I'm in a smaller store and help out a lot more with the total stock and not just Vintages stuff.

On the up side this means I don't have to worry so much about working out or a kind of exercise routine because I'll get that at work. The down side, is that it will be a long painful road till my arms, back and especially thighs are back in shape. Right now I am hobbling off to a hot tub followed by a few LARGE glasses of wine. That should make me feel better. *G*

Oh I almsot forgot. My synopsis is written, I think it sucks but I still have a couple days to rewrite it. I'm not touching my short story anymore because I am afriad of overtweeking it. LOL


Paxa said...

OMG!!! Is that Big Bird?!?!?!

Hope you the hubster and the kidlets are having a good holiday *MUAH*

FeyRhi said...

*snort* ROFL Yup! Terrible I know but it made me howl. Family are happy with full tummies. ((paz))