Sunday, October 08, 2006

An interesting oppourtunity

Bright and early tomorrow morning I am heading into Toronto with my mother-in-law to attend one of "Adam's Dream Healer " Workshops. I've know about Adam for a few years now. It's only recently that he has begun to show his face, since he turned 18 I think. Anyways he is a healer that uses quantum holigrams for distance healing.

Yea I know it sounds pretty bazarre, and as much as I want to believe I am a bit skeptical. Just because I am a witch, doesn't mean I believe all the hocus pocus that is out there. I am giving him a lot more credit then I would anyone else simple because I KNOW someone he has healed. About 4+ years ago my husband's uncle was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour. It was very serious and unoperable. My grampy had the same thing and we lost him in less then a year.

I'm not sure how many treatments it took but hubby's uncle was completely cured. Tumour gone, poof, not there any longer. We know he was not misdiagnosed in the beginning and his illness was progressing at the same rapid speed that it did with my Grampy. No one can explain it aside from the fact that Adam had worked on him.

So the oppourtunity to go to one of his workshops crossed my path. How could I say NO? To be honest I really don't know what to expect. Apparently Adam doesn't do one-on-one healings anymore. He feels that teaching people how to heal them selves and help others is a better way.
So I am excited and more then a bit nervous. I'm not a big fan of being cooped up in a room with a large crowd of strangers, ESPECIALLY when I know the energy level in the room with be high. I'll have to talk my Mother-in-law into sitting near the back or off to the side.

For me if there is something that I can learn that will help my daughter then it will be completely worthwhile. To be honest I think I fear coming out of there with more suspicions.

Funny enough there was an episode of Supernatural last year that dealt with faith healers. When the "healer" cured someone, an unknown innocent died in their place of the same thing.

Ying and Yang, it's all about balance folks.

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