Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th!!! AAARRRGGGHHH

Just kidding. *G*

Friday the 13th doesn't bother me. It's just another day. Did you know that it originally was thought of as bad luck because the Knight's Templar? It was on Friday the 13th that the Pope ordered the Knight's to be slaughtered. That is what drove them underground, which in turn lead them to creating the Freemasons. It's all really fasinating. My brother has done lots of research on it and fills me in on the more interesting points. The book "The DaVinci Code" uses a lot of Templar/Freemason history for background and plot as well.

Is is just me or is life frick'n flying by! I mean I celebrate my year end on the 31st with Samhain. I am floored by how fast it has gone. The really cool thing is I actually managed to accomplish my goal. I actually have a completed story submitted to an editor. That is just 'da bomb' for me. Sure it's not the story I was planning to have finished...but I think it should count *G*

I've had a couple people email me regarding Adam's seminar I went to on the weekend. I do plan in doing a post for it but there is just so much information! I was VERY impressed by it all and thankfully there was no "hallaluagh" crap that I was worried about. What I am finding hard is trying to discribe it all. While I understand what he was saying, it's difficult to repeat without sounding silly. I can say however is that after what I experienced personally, I don't doubt his abilities whatsoever.

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