Saturday, October 01, 2005

Never argue about Religion...

I am so sick and tired of getting religious propaganda sent through my email and from someone who knows my religious beliefs.

Most times I just blow it off with a "it's the thought that counts" or well that is a sweet thought and would be nicer if sent with sincerity and not as a chain letter. But tonight I'm just not in the mood and when I opened it I kinda snapped.

This one is the about a religious minister/reporter who nails a Muslim leader on the definition of infadel and the holy war, ending with this leader saposedly hanging his head in shame. Right there you know it's a crock and lie. If this "leader" was a true religious fanatic he never would have lowered his eyes to someone he seems less then worthy. Not that it matters I'm just tired of everyone spreading hate through "Helpful" or "Eye-opening" crap!

So me being me and my flaring temper I 'replied all' and wrote

"Need I remind you who was behind the Spanish Inquisitions, the American Witch hunts and the country of Ireland bombing the shit out of itself for the last century? While I think that radical Muslims as whacked out as most sociopaths, I don't think that Christians are in any position to make any sort of comments without taking a good long look at themselves in the mirror.

The forwarding of religious propaganda only increases the fear and hate between us all.

Allah or Jesus?

How about I choose neither? "

*sigh* I should have kept my mouth closed. I have now recieved 2 emails back from the person who sent it to me. First backpeddleing and now defending herself. Why do I bother arguing? I know better? When will I learn to keep my mouth closed and just hit the delete button?

*banging head on desk*

**yet another coffee

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