Monday, October 10, 2005

My computer is my own worst enemy

I have come to the conclusion that I have two choices. Either give up the writing dream or pick up a cheap laptop with NO internet ability.

Maybe I have A.D.D. because honestly I sit down at this damn thing and poof, I check the blogs I like to read, play a game or to on Neopets, email some people, do research then suddenly it is time for bed and I have lost out on another evening.

I spend my days thinking of book scenes and blogs I want to write but when I sit down here I get distracted. Maybe that's just it, I'm not meant to write things, I just like to daydream....I really do like to daydream but it's the characters I create and the scenes that form in my mind. *sigh*

But then as soon as I sit down to write...oh look a bird.....and I'm off checking out something else.

Then again there is still the fact that as much as I like to fool myself into thinking I have decided on which time period to write, the others interfere. It's hard enough to keep both regencys stright in my head, the contemporary one keeps popping in there. Thank the gods my medeval characters have chosen to stay quiet. I might go mad otherwise.

Perhaps decaf wil help....


Ever have one of those moments when you realized that someone you hold in awe is actually human. I don't mean in a negative way, example I was reading Mary Stella's blog tonight and she was talking about wines and sounded like any normal person that I help at work. I had one of those moments then.

I know I sound silly being amazed by that, of course she is a normal person, just cause she is a PUBLISHED author, and I LOVE her books..... i guess it's one of those... 'She's normal and I'm kinda normal and if she was brave enough to write a book and got published then maybe I can too.'

Of course I would have to actually write the damn thing instead of dreaming of it all the time.

**3rd cup of coffee , not shaking yet

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