Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One small step for a novice blogger....

Finally It worked!!! To be honest I have no idea what I did this time that I haven't done the other dozen times but what ever was causing the "error on page" is no longer erroring and I am free to illistrate my comments and opinions with what ever I want....Of coruse at this exact moment I really don't hold an opioning on anything other then to say "I'm cold" and I miss the summer already.

Yes ok it is only 15 deg outside and in the spring, that is a good temp when I am cold and it makes me feel wamer. Not the effect today. So I'm off to bake myself in a hot shower before I start my mountain of errans I have to run today before sparks tonight.

We are taking the girls to the big firestation here in town with the training facility out back. Well you know what that means. Big Firestation = Big Firemen. At least I am hoping for a little eye candy. Have to remember to take pictures ;o)

Oh and before I forget the picture above was taken up at the cottage this summer on one of those glorious 30 deg days. The dragonflys were HUGE up there, and no matter how long I sat still not one landed on me. Except for the time one landed on my ass while I was pouring salt on 2 of the kids legs to get the leeches off them. I panicking and fighting my own fears and that is when one lands on me. My girlfriend got a picture of it, and one day I hope she remembers to email it to me.

I guess that is one thing I find amazing about motherhood. I have a paralizing fear of leeches. If one was on me I would completely freak out, but when the kids came out of the water and we saw the big one on little man's leg, I just calmly ran to the cottage and got the salt. While pouring we realized the tiny little flesh coloured things on both his and my youngest's legs were also leeches, we managed to get them both cleaned off and deleeched in no time and with out freaking the kids out too much.

Of course after that we both had the shakes, a cry and then a cold vodka cooler. When the daddies returned we told them that next time we are going out and they get to deal with any and all crisis.

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