Friday, October 21, 2005

Mental Health Day

I took what I like to refer to as a mental health day today. Actually I was 3 hours into my shift and thought "I can't handle this shit today" So out came the creative process and next thing I know I'm calling hubby telling him to call me in 5 minutes.

My name gets paged over the intercom, I answer phone then go and tell manager my mentally rehersed pack of bald faced lies over why I have to leave. Do I feel bad, maybe a little but then I have always had an overblown guilty conscience. Truth is I would have had to work with my SOB asst manager.
Now am I an adult, yes.
Could I have worked the shift with him. Yes of course.
BUT Instead of his comming to me and saying something as simple as "I need to to take care of the office stuff for me" or something to that effect in 10 words of less. Then I would have stayed and done it no biggie. Instead he places a casual employee in charge of the office, the safe, all cashes, and ringing on and off of cashiers. When I heard that, my decision was made.

I don't need to elaborate his opinion of anyone in my job position. He thinks we are all useless and stupid. *snort* Don't see him writing exam after exam to do this job.
But of course according to him he do my job *snapping fingers* "Like That". I've watched him deal with customers, he bullshits and tells them what they want to hear.

Like I've said the man is a 40 year old adolesent bully. Still to this day I don't know what it was that caused his opinion of me to turn, or if it is even personal. There was a time that we got along great. He is that moody and I'm not one to put up with it, so over time i got sick of trying to figure out his moods and he snapped at me once freaking and swearing over nothing. So after that I figured Fuck'em. Now over time as it has become obvious that he doesn't get a reaction out of me, he has gotten nastier and nastier as was proven last Saturday.

Does it bother me, Fuck ya. Look this is the second post that is devoted to bitching about him. I miss the joking around we used to do back when I was in his good books. I'll be the first to say I carry a grudge but even for me eventually if fades and all that is left is me being stubborn about it.

Still my tummy cringes when I pull into the parking lot and see his car. And my store just isn't as much fun anymore. I'm actually looking forward to getting transferred, as long as it's a store closer to home of course. If not, then I hope he gets transferred out and I get to stay.

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