Sunday, October 30, 2005

On the cusp of new year!!

Yes tomorrow is the end of the year in my eyes, Samhain my favourite holiday!!
I like to think that it should be a quiet day, used reflecting on what I have accomplished in the past year and what I would like to do in the coming one. (Actually I didn't accomplish much of what I wanted to in the last 12 months so I hope my track record is better for the next 12.) But it looks like it will be hectic as hell starting out with eye appointments for the girls in the morning, laundry, bills and getting costumes and such together for tomorrow night. Normal Monday craziness.

At least it's my day off so I should be able to carve out some 'me' time in the afternoon for the god/dess' that help me though life.


Mary Stella sent out an email regarding "National Novel Writing Month"(aka NaNoWriMo) on one of the loops I belong too and I think this is the best way to start my year. I've often complained that I've always worked better under pressure and hopefully this kind of deadline will help give me the kick in the ass I need.

Since I signed up last night, I've rollar coastered from excitement to "what the fuck!'
50,000 words in 30 days. Shit!
At best if I can crank out 2,000 a day that will leave me 5 days to correct spelling and try to make sense out of the crap I have written.

Technically You have to start from scratch. That's the rules. Now there are no Nanowrimo police that will hunt you down if you you start the month 4,000 words into a manuscript, just your own conscience and I've been fighting mine all day. Hubby thinks I'm nuts, why not just keep going with what I have started. At the word count right now It's a glorified outline of the first 4 chapters.

How many time have I mentioned my overinflated guilty conscience? Yea well it's in high gear. What if I go ahead with what I have and just make sure I am at 54,000 by the end of the month? I would have done 50G's. OR I could start with the sequal to my current WIP and follow the rules and not risk any possible negative novel karma.
I now have 28 hours 5 minutes left to make up my mind.

How many of you think that I will follow the rules and start fresh.... where did the rebellious badass that once resided in my head go?


Ok yes I know it's another one, but this is in honour of Hallowe'en. Name decoders are almost as much fun as quizzes.

Fearsome Evil Yokel-Reaping Horror from the Isle

Drinking: Frutopia 'Tangerine Wavelength'

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Paula said...

*waving madly*

Been reading your blog and enjoying it a lot. Love your "screw 'em if they can't take a joke" attitude.

For the record did those quizzes, here's the results.

New Name: Malia Lana (cool huh)
Nailpolish: Black
and one out of left field.
John Cusak Movie: High Fidelity (also very cool)