Saturday, September 24, 2005

Small Towns suck!!!!!!!

Don't ask about writing!!!! I am stressing big time today!

My poor Granny fell down on Thursday and broke her collarbone, and the hospital sent her to see an orthapedic surgeon yesterday and the damn place was closed! Can you believe it. Now she has to wait till MONDAY!!! She's in a lot of pain and thanks to the incredibly small amout of doctors in this country; she has to suffer and wait. God! What if it starts to mend incorrectly and she suffers worse. All she has are Tylenol 3 with codiene which are hurting her tummy and she doesn't like anyways.

If only she was living in a bigger city even London for gods sake, hell my mum should have gotten on her self centered ass and driven her to Toronto!!! Grrr Enough about her; she is on my serious shit list as opposed to my mild shit list.

I've been upset all day thinking about it, I wish she lived closer but a 3.5 hour dive is a bit far. At least I could chat with her tonight and fill her in on the girls exploits and make her laugh a bit. Laughter is the best medicine isn't it? I hope it helped but she was giggling so much I was afraid she would hurt herself.

My oldest wrote her a poem. Bloody brillent if you ask me and Gran agrees but we are a bit biased.

Granny Ann:

Trannosaurus Rex is red
Dilopagus is blue
I hope you feel better
very very soon.

Love T......

Yes I know I spelled the names wrong. (Lookover the archives spelling isn't my strong suite.) She also drew picture of her favourite dinosaurs to go with it. My gran laughed so much when I read it to her, she can't wait to get the letter.

Note to self: DON'T FORGET TO MAIL IT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My youngest got on the phone and told her all about loosing her 'fiveth' tooth and how the toothfairy was really busy last night and couldn't make it to the house but mummy says she will tonight.

Yes I am the horrible one who has suffered a mountain of guilt for dropping the ball on that one. I can't forget tonight after the elaborate excuse we fed her and she thankfully bought. Oh have to add her poem "i love you and i love you" She doesn't know all that many words on her own yet. I think it is quite excellent for a first attempt

Drinking: Capel Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 (Western Australia) Loving it!!!!!!!

My new thing for the blog I will add what ever I happen to be drinking at the time. Not for any good reason, just cause.

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