Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Football Sunday

Sunday ritual have begun. Hubby's best friend comes over, I bail with children and go shopping with hubby's bestfriend's wife. I think I'm going to like Sunday afternoons this year.


I am all proud of myself. Finally got to the computer store and pickup a new cd-rom since the old one went on the fritz almost a year ago. I coughed up $10 and installed it!!
**patting myself on the back**
It wasn't that hard, just remember what screws you take out, put them back in the same place. What you unplug from the old, plug into the new, restart. *whoala* We are in business.

Hmmm maybe I'll get into computers when I grow up.


Thought about 'south beaching' again. Then after drowning that horrendous thought with a large caramel frappicino, I started wondering why I would want to look like stick girl again? Okay so right now I am carrying about 15 extra pounds, and I am about 30 lbs heavier then the day I got married. BUT I'm healthy, I haven't had a serious panic attack since I gained the weight. Considering my height (5'10") it's not that noticeable....well ok maybe it is ;o)

The fashion industry uses 16 and 17 year old girls to showcase their stuff. They are underweight, haven't had children, barely through puberty, and yet most women (and I am guily of this as well) wish that we looked that 'good'. And the really sick part is we all *know* that the pictures are airbrushed. We *know* that the vast majority are bulimic/anorexic. We *know* that it is not normal to look like that when you are in your mid 30's and have visited the delivery room on 2 seperate occasions.

And still I wish my tummy was flatter, my ass firmer and the 'girls' perkier.

Okay and before anyone suggests I join a gym.
*flipping the bird* oops where did that come from

If I had the time or extra energy perhaps but I want to enjoy life and not get caught on the tredmill of working out; because I have a feeling if I was fine with my tummy, ass, and 'girls' Then I wouldn't like my arms or thighs, or neck .....

So I will be happy with me, the way that I am. Right.


*bouncing excitedly* Gonna go work the Harvest at Henry of Pelham this year. Okay so not all will find excitement at the prospect of crawling through a vinyard hand picking grapes. I'm looking forward to it. I learn by doing and while I know the technicalities of winemaking, doing this will help cement it in my brain. Also it sounds like fun!.

Just think I am on the list to pick icewine this winter and am looking forward to that as well.

Hubby thinks I'm mental....he's just figuring it out after all this time?

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