Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

So I 've been trying to put pictures up on this blog and can't get any of them to come through. Very frustrating. The download pages goes fine, I choose the file and then it says error on page at the bottom and no picture. Grrrr. I know it's gonna turn out to be something simple that I am missing.


Got the Pedigree finished for my characters. Damn it took me an entire night sorting through names and titles. Seeing which I liked and what would fit the story. I tried to tell myself that all that work should count towards my weekend goal; but then my rarely heard firm side argued that while it is reseach it is not writing. Therefor doesn't count. damn, arguing with ones self never solves anything

So while I don't have the words down. I have a good idea what will happen in the prologue and the beginning of the first chapter. I did come to the conclusion that writing the prologue counts. Now I just have to write it.

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