Saturday, September 10, 2005

A new hobby to obsess over is born...

Well for a first post this won't be much. Just somthing to get me started.

I have a feeling I'll be kicking my self in a few weeks for doing this. I tend to swing to extreams over my hobbies from complete obsession to procrastination. Although the idea of actually journaling again appeals to me. Especially when I have thoughts that I don't partucually feel comfortable telling those around me.

Guess that is the problem with being a pagan surrounded by Christians, you never know which one is holding a metaphoric torch behind their backs.

If asked why I am starting this....well football season is starting tomorow. Another 5 months of listening to stats and replays of the days game from my husband. Somthing I truly couldn't care less about but I try to be supportive so I nod and make encourging noises while letting my mind think about other things.

Hey maybe I should rename this blog..."Things I think about when my husband talks about football" That does have a ring of truth to it.

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