Sunday, September 11, 2005

The NFL is an anti aging syrum

What is it about the NFL that turns men in to adolecent assholes? Hubby spent the morning pacing around the house, the phone has rung off the hook, various football buddies phoneing to trade insults about Jerry Rice being the best wide reciever to this being "the year" for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
(I have to say that I have heard that statement every year for the past 10 years.)
And the insults! Now I can only truly hear the comments eminating from this side of the phone but I know he is getting as good as he gives. The lot of them revert back to an 18 year old mentality of mine is bigger/better/badder then yours. Sheesh. Not to mention that he is moody as hell, damn I don't swing that far on my nastier PMS days......I had better check my chocolate stash. If he has touched it he may not live to see kickoff.


So I have been surfing around reading blogs of people I know...and know of. Damn. They are really interesting and fun and how the hell am I going to do anything like that. No way, not to mention why do I suddenly feel like I am in competition. I started this to vent off my own thoughts and now suddenly I worry about what someone who reads it might think.
Yes that is the same mentality that keeps my future books in my head and not on a publishers desk. It's easy to excuse procrastination as long as you keep telling yourself that you suck. But damn I don't. At least I don't think so.....


Speaking of writing it has been weeks! Especially my RPG stuff. I love what I think of as play writing. But then I feel guilty for not doing any book stuff and if I try to concentrate on book stuff then I feel as if I am letting down my RPG partners. I have to do one or the other, obviously I can't concentrate on both. At least until I get the hang of it. Why do I feel so guilty?


Yes book stuff. Okay I am going to use this blog as a kind of self motivation. I'll kick my self in the ass on days when I can and be inspired on days when I can't. rrrriiiiiiiggggghhhhh

The good news is I finally decided what to write. Or which idea to concentrate on. That was a 6 month hurdle. I was worried that I might have to stick with one time zone when my ideas span centuries. But then I (finally) asked myself if this was yet another elaborate, self sabotaging, form of procrastination?

Johanna Lindsey's books span centuries and light years, Julie Garwood has bounced around, Margaret Moore does mideavel and regency, Sherrilyn Kenyon writes under 2 different names and 2 different time periods. So why am I worrying. Why not just get one written then worry about the next set. yes my books come to me in sets. Dammit. Bloody hard to decided which is which at times since my thought processes bounce around both.

I finally decided on the 2 Regency period I have perculating. May have something to do with the Julia Quinn and Suzanne Enoch kick I have been on lately. Well there was some Angela Knight snuck in there too.

So I bought one of those 5 subject notebooks. Fist section will be devited to my plot ideas. Second to the Hero (cause I thought of him first) 3 to the Heroine, 4th~Secondary characters
5th will be the sequal ideas that hit me while I am brainstorming the first. Happily I have written a bit in each section today.


By next Sunday I want to have the first chapter written. No more F**k'n around. If I'm going to do this then I WILL do it. *nodding furiously*

Right well I had better get started now.

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