Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday, Friday, Friday!!

Woo Hoo...... Wait I don't like Fridays that much. My Friday is like everyone elses Thursday. You can see the end in sight but aren't quite there. Really it's just a tease because I'll be a work at 8am tomorrow morning. At least my asshole assistant manager has the day off.


My youngest lost her front tooth after much tugging and wiggling, then promptly lost it. Hubby and I tore apart the sofa and surrounding furniture all to the sounds of my baby's heart 500 decibels. I rememeber how important newly lost teeth are to kids but my drama queen just figured it was her moment to shine and we got the works.

Sobbing, wailing, collapsing on the sofa, more sobbing, screaming when mummy told her to knock it off. A trip to her bedroom for a time out and then we got the "I'm sorry for being naughty but now the toothfairy will NEVER come..." accompanied by more sobbing.

Of course we made the suggestion that if she wrote the tooth fairy a note or drew her a picture then perhaps that would be enough. Yea like that worked. SO after what felt like hours of carrying on, I gave up and went upstairs to get dinner ready. And Guess what I found on the kitchen counter.

One small white front tooth. I think I'll ground her till the next one comes out....

Geez how much do the front ones go for theese days?

Ok so on the book front I'm no father then I was yeasterday but I am getting this out of my system now and planning on writing for the rest of the evening.
As soon as I get my charming, melodramatic children off to bed that is.

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