Tuesday, September 20, 2005

To tired to think of something witty

I am exhausted. Plain and simple and it looks like I won't be able to catch up on my sleep until the day after I retire........ *wailing* that's another 25+ years from now!

Well my oldest's anxiety level is up again so she isn't sleeping again which means mummy isn't sleeping through the night either. Nothing like having an 8 yr old prowling around the house to keep one awake. I know if I let her sleep with me she will sleep (i won't) but then I don't want her to develop that crutch. She needs to be able to sleep on her own, but I can't keep fighting this at 3am.

I know a lot has to do with the new house and school but she seems fine during the day. Of course I remember waking up in themiddle of the night as a child feeling terrified and alone and trying to crawl in with my sister. I really don't want her to grow up and end up with the anxiety problems I have suffered through as an adult. The thing is there really isn't anything I can do for her except try to make her feel as safe as possible and support her but allow her to develope her independance.

Right..... so in a nut shell I have to hold her, comfort her at the same time push her away and force her to stand on her own two feet. No wonder she and I are so goddamn confused. We are just going in circles.

One doctor mentioned putting her on medication, Over my dead body.

I did hear about a homeopathic doctor in Mississauga that apparently specializes in children's health. I have to check that out.


Sparks start next week!!! Due to cutbacks there are only 2 groups running in our area this year and other cities are suffering as well. There are 4 leaders including myself and we have 20 girls. It's such a shame because there is a waiting list a mile long and the reason that these little girls can't join is because there just isn't enough leaders.

PLEASE!!! If you can, the GirlGuides is an amazing organization that encourages self respect and confidence. It's only an hour once a week with a bit of time for planning meetings but that doesn't take long at all. BE A LEADER!!!!!


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