Sunday, July 02, 2006

What could be better then a day off??

Well 2 of course! (oh come on you can't tell me you didn't see that coming)

So while the laundry is procreating on my floor and there is a distinct possibility the kitchen dishes may reach a senchant level and wash them selves, I have spent the day next to the pool...again

While the girls were swimming I was reading Karen Marie Moning's "Spell of the Highlander" from cover to cover. Breaking only to make them lunch and then slather a bit more sunscreen over all that pale skin. I wish I read slower cause now I have to wait forever for her next one too! Goddamn she is a good.

You know I remember when I was a teenager, I wouldn't go near anything over a 3spf 'cause I figured I'd never get a tan. I would slather myself in tanning oil with no protective ability and lay out lke a big slab of meat on a BBQ. Now I'm willingly wearing a 50spf and actually am a bit pinker then I should be. That my friends is terrifying.

I just hope that this doesn't get any darker. Why is it if you get a sunburn is hurts later on after the sun goes down?

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