Saturday, July 15, 2006

I LOVE this weather

It was a busy day for everyone. The munchkin managed to hold off till 8am before coming in and asking what time we were going to the mall. She been jonesin' for this day ever since her sister got her ears pierced. Finally after all the waiting she is sporting a pair of pink studs. Little fashion diva insisted on wearing her sunglasses before I took the picture. LOL

Pressure is on to meet my 4,000 word goal for this weekend. Stay tuned for update but be warned I may extend it to Monday night LOL.

I have a bit of a poll for those of you who read this. I am contemplating getting the small tattoo on my ankle repaired. (long story, another time) After much contemplation and a comment from hubby that sparked an idea I was thinking of getting the girls birth flowers added and extend it up the side of my calf a bit. Trouble is from my research each of their months is represented by 2 flowers (couldn't make it easy could they?)

May is represented by both the Lily of the Valley and the Hawthorn. I think both of them are pretty. But with all that white I wonder if the Lily will look better on skin? Since there is so much green to highlight the flowers, but I like the spottiness of the hawthorn

Now for June we have the Water Lily and Larkspur.

They are all pretty flowers, I can't decide. I wanted to use one to represent each of the girls and then one for myself but the March flower is a Jonquil. They look like daffodils to meand I am just not a daffodilly person. So instead I opted for the Trillium which I think is much prettier and is the Ontario Provincial Flower. The province in which we were all born. So I am sticking with the symbolism here.

My question to you is what do you think? Any preferences/suggestions? Just pop them into the comments, I'd love to hear some input. I promise to post a picture once I decide and actually have it done.


Paxa said...

Yeah I know it's sort of a cop out but what about a bouquet? That way you can mix in anything you want. Ok a small bouquet

frenchpeas said...

I think Paxa definitely has the right idea. Why make a decision when you don't have to? Especially when all the flowers are so pretty it's hard to even pick one to recommend!

FeyRhi said...

Thanks so much for your suggestions! I had contemplated using them all. I was thinking of having each blossom on it's own but linked through some mystical looking swirls, hubby suggested a grape vine so now I'm wondering how I could incorperate that as well. LOL This thing is going to be up to my knee by the time I am done. There is the good possibility I will have a small faery in there was well; but not the pixish version. I like the ugly, knobby, full of character versions. Similar to what Brian Froud draws. Decisions Decisions....

Mechele Armstrong said...

The little one is too cute.

And Paxa did have a great idea. A bouquet. Like the grapevine idea too. Let us know what you decide.