Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Damn I swear we had rain of biblical proportions today.
I thought it would never stop! Now we aren't talking a drizzle, or spitting a bit; Nope there was a constant downpour for the entire day, Got soaked getting into my car to go to work and when I got in my car to drive home. BLECK!

Hopefully Mother Nature will have gotten it out of her system. The weekend is forecasted to be very hot and sunny and I have it off!!! WooHoo. My youngest's birthday is on Saturday and I am hoping to see my girlfriend and her family come for a visit on Sunday (yes I am talking about you Mucka!)

I recently got transferred to a new store, closer to home (yeahoo!) Which means that I will not have to deal with my nemeses, the evil wacko Asst. Manager. Now every store has their great and not so great staff. That is true in any job but after what I have had to deal with for the last couple years....well I think I can deal with just about anything. Gotta be careful how loud I type that it's never a good idea to tempt the Fates.

Times ticking and my word counts have not moved as far a head as I would like. Part of that is my continual battle with procrastination; also my ancient laptop has crapped out. It still works but it won’t save anything. Considering it my mum’s, I am procrastinating over telling her too. Now I have to battle hubby for computer time. Hmmm sounds like another good excuse doesn’t it?

I am still determined to get this done by the end of Aug. That is my goal, one I really want to make it.


Mechele Armstrong said...

You can do it. And congrats on the new job closer to home.

We too had a couple of days there I was looking for the Ark.

FeyRhi said...

I have a nephew named Noah that I was keeping a close eye on. LOL At least we don't have to shovel rain. Doesn't stop me from bitching though.