Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's official....

Yes, as of 10:31 pm EST I am officially on vacation!

There is a bit more packing and organizing to do, (which is why I am on the computer of course)but tomorrow we are off to the piece and quiet of the Muskoka's. Not sure who is more excited me or the girls. A friend from work lent me her portable DVD player. That should make the drive up there a bit more painless.
Yes, I am not above plugging my girls brain's into a movie for an hour or so. The drive take 3.5 so there will be lots of time to stare out the window at the scenery. The first couple hours is all boring supa-highway driving nothing to see but transport trucks and concrete. After that we get out into the pretty.

May all of you have a wonderful week. I'll check in with pictures when I get back.

Take Care!!!


Maureen said...

Have a great time! and yep DVD's a a great "Are we there yet?" and fight avoidance device. That is as soon as you get past deciding which movie they are watching first :) Look forward to the pictures

FeyRhi said...

Well we ended up heading back a day early *pout*, more on that later. I am happy to report there were no human vs leech episodes this year. The dogs on the other hand...well at least I could do the eeewwwwww dance and make hubby deal with it. I'll post all about it later today or tomorrow. I love it up there but it's nice to be back in my own bed.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Happy vacation. Sorry it's over but glad you had fun. LOL glad there were no human versus leech battles. Ewwwwww.