Friday, July 14, 2006

The eve of my weekend....

I tell ya this working for a living sucks. The sooner my numbers show up the better.....of course if I played the numbers I might have a better chance. *G*

Tomorrow is my youngest's birthday. Wow I can't believe she is 7 already. Every morning this week, the first thing she has said is how many days till she is getting her ears pierced. LOL I've already told her that she is NOT to wake me up at 7 am tomorrow. We will go out after lunch and get her's done. She's so damn excited.

Amazingly enough the weather is forcasted to be spectacular, and in fact, it's a gorgeous evening. Why you may ask am I insde on such a wonderful night? Well, I figure I won't be posting much unless something funny happens so why not now. I am just enjoying the feeling that I have a full 48 hours before I have to go back to work. Time to relax, and enjoy a 'wobbley pop' or two. (For those who do not speak Canadian....wobbley pop = beer)

I also want to get at least 4 thousand words done on my WIP by Monday. Not an unattainable goal but not a cake walk. Cranking out 2 G's of story line was much easier when I was playing around, and just seeing what would come out. Now that I have a solid story, characters and *gasp* a plot...well it's not so easy any more. I find that while I write, I tweek, and that means there is more rewriting going on. Not to mention character establishment and development as well as hooks, arcs and mysterious assassins.

But as long as I meet my personal Aug deadline, I'll be happy. For now I'm going to go outside with my beverage in one hand and a notebook in the other and listen to the crickets.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Happy birthday to the youngest!

And you can do it on the deadlines. *pulls out the pom poms*

Sounds like a beautiful time to write. Hope it went well.

FeyRhi said...

Well I have to be honest, I never did make it back outside. I ended up catching a pal online that I have been playing IM tag with and chatted with her till past midnight. Not that I minded in the least, sometimes the best inspiration comes when you are gabbing about fun things with a good friend.
Keep shaking those pompoms for me though. You look cute when you do it *G*