Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dreaming the Future

So last night I had a very strange dream. It actualy was a romance story...sort of, you know how dream are. Of course now I can't really remember much about it, but it had something to do with a woman who was terrifed of heights and a man who was a trapise artist.

Strange thing is I remember thinking to myself, during the dream, that this would make a great story and I can't wait to write it and that I absolutly love the characters....HUH?? Now realizing I am dreaming isn't anything new to me, many times I realize that I am dreaming and often can change what is happeneing if I don't like it. This is the first time I decided was dreaming a possible manuscript. Too bad my memory was already full of holes by the time I finally woke up.

Long ago I use to keep a note book next to my bed to record my dreams. I think I might start doing that again just in case these two decide to let me know a bit more about them.


frenchpeas said...

*laughs* That does sound like a good book. Let me know if the holes fill themselves in, ok?

FeyRhi said...

Got some neat thoughts about an interlude on top of a ferris wheel. Does that count? The two of them are staying on a close back burner. Perhaps a short story?? hhmmmmm NO! Must finish current work before starting another! LOL