Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's about time!

Everyone bitches about the media and how they make us feel bad about ourselves. How pencil thin models, and airbrushing has put impossible expectations on our girls. Problem is everyone complained but no one did anything about it. Until now.

I gotta tell ya I spent over an hour in the website for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. There is a ton of information there about how this company is trying to change everyone’s view of themselves. They are concentrating on mothers and daughters but really I think that the same could be said for many men. I'm sure the insecurities with body image are not gender exclusive.

I love this picture. Real women with real curves. Maybe it's just because I am a chick as well, but I would prefer to look at bodies like this then the emaciated stick models that are usually featured in fashion magazines, or the ones with HUGE implants in the porn mags.

According to one of their surveys only 2% of women would describe themselves as pretty. I guess I wasn't surprised over that, even though I feel I should be.

Many romance novels are featuring more realistic female leads. Sherrylyn Kenyon's 'Dark Hunter' series is an example of that. Her heroines range from plus sized women to scarred~multi coloured hair, vampire slayers. Each has their flaws and find men who can see past the surface, to what is important. *sigh* Some good romance

Now there is a part of me that wonders if all this is all an elaborate marketing ploy we are all falling for.....but then then I decided I don't care. It's a good message Dove is trying to send out and if that means they get to sell a few more bars of soap and such, then I'm not about to begrudge them.

Oh and yes I have one of their t-shirts. It says "EveryBODY has a best feature."


Mechele Armstrong said...

I love the tshirt. Yes, the whole stick thin model...uck. Thanks for telling about what Dove is trying to do. sounds neat.

frenchpeas said...

*cheers for Dove* I've heard about this, and I absolutely love it. And I have to admit I've started buying more of their products to support them. *blinks* Turns out I like them so it works out well for everyone.