Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yes another quiz!

Yea not much of a surprise this one....

What Kind of Novel Should I Write?

ROMANCE! - Love, sweet and tender, aggressive and compelling. You have a story of romance burning in your heart. Happily Ever After is a given, but you will tear their hearts asunder before your Hero and Heroine gain True Love's embrace. Nora Roberts and Jane Austin are your guides.

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Okies confess what did it suggest you write? Feel free to past it to the comments I don't mind *G*

Speaking of new authors.

Picked up great book last night called "Braless in the Buick" by Jenna Leigh (*cough*click on her name*cough*)

It is her first book and I really enjoyed it. It's a fun read with great characters. You can't help but love her neighbors LOL. You should check it out it's worth it.


Paxa said...

Corrine, yours is so you!!!!

This is what I got,yeah, I can sort of see this.

MYSTERY! - Who-dunnit? And How? And Why? Your inquiring mind understands the secret workings of the villainous murderer and thief. You feel the need to build a puzzle so complex, and a villain so unsuspected that you leave the reader gasping in shock on the last page. Dashiell Hammett and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are your guides.

FeyRhi said...

LOL Yea I can see that for you too. It's cause you are just so damn clever. I mean look at your alter ego, she is one complex chicka. So I guess you and I should start thinking "romantic suspense" huh *muah*

Sam said...

Cool! I got this result, lol!

SUSPENSE! - High-speed adventure is where youre at! Girls! Guns! Intrigue! Conspiracy! You want to write it gritty with sharp heroes and devastating babes. Rich and powerful villains rule your world and your hero is out to save it! Ian Flemming and the Die Hard movies are your inspirations!

FeyRhi said...

Oh I like that one too Sam! Ian Flemming = James Bond, one of my favourite movie characters.