Thursday, May 18, 2006

What do you mean you're not Immortal?!

I had the most wonderful conversation with my granny on the phone tonight. It's funny how we are similar in that she and I switch topics constantly and the other can always keep up. We talk a mile a minute and tend to be a bit loud. We gabbed for at least 2 hours, Honestly my ear was numb by the end of it. *G*

After all that I am suddenly left with the realization that I may not have that many more phone marathons with her. Not that I think that anything will happen to her anytime soon, but just something about the tone of the conversation. It wasn't morbid or anything but it was there in the background. It was like she wanted to remind me that she won't be around forever. To be honest I'm left feeling a bit unsettled.

I guess there is a part of me that just thinks of her as immortal. She has always been there. The same house and same phone number for as long as I can remember. To think of it otherwise is too foreign to comprehend.

I spent weeks in the summer there with her and my grampy. She took me to see ET and pretended not to notice as I sobbed my heart out. (Even as a kid I didn't like crying in front of people) She took me to see the musical "Annie". (the movie)
I saw my first live-on-stage musical with them (Pirates of Penzance) Then they took me to my first grown up dinner in a fancy restaurant. (meaning no burgers on the menu) I had crepes and remember really enjoying them but can't remember what kind they were. *G*

With all hope, my children will have some wonderful memories of her as well. Granny Ann turns 81 this weekend and I have been gently reminded that she is mortal.


Bob said...

Take this for what it's worth: The last conversation I had on the phone with my mom who was dying of chronic anemia, she was in the nursing home and having a pretty good day when she said, "You be sure and tell Jordan (my son) about his grandma, all right?" A couple of days later, she lost consciousness; two weeks later, she passed away. That was almost a year ago. I still miss the phone conversations every weekend on my free minutes. I suppose I always will.

FeyRhi said...

I can completely understand how you feel. When the time comes I'll miss being able to simply pick up a phone and talk to her. I don't talk to Gran every weekend although it's a good idea to start. There isn't anyone else in my family who can maintain a conversation on 4+ subjects at once and keep up. More importantly, I don't want to suddenly find myself regretting not talking to her more often.