Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I hurt.

A lot.

After gushing on and on about how much I enjoy dragonboating, I though I should warn anyone reading, before you jump in, that I can't wait until I am in better shape.

Right now I am in agony.

The ache is like an "I" on my back. Across the sholders, down my spine, and across my lower back from hip to hip. My upper arms are hurting as well which means I wasn't keeping the proper postition during pratice. No shit.

The boat I was in had a vast majority of veteran paddlers. I'll be careful not to make that mistake again. Find the rookies, stay with the rookies. So the leader made sure everyone got a work out. Myself I almost fell out of the boat due to sheer exhaustion after a half an hour.

The beat he had us working to was a good solid pace for about 5 minutes to get out into the open then a few lengths of 20 easy 10 hard and ran a couple fake races, and a few figure 8's.

Then hell decended when he had us doing...10 easy,10 hard,10 easy,20 hard,10 easy,30 hard,10 easy,40 hard,10 easy,50 hard then a break. I tried to take a drink of water and my arms were shaking. LOL Then we had to switch sides and do it all again. Even the vetrans were saying they were wrecked after all that.

There was a moment when it all fell into place, my timing was on, my positioning was perfect, I was in what I call THE DRAGON ZONE! Of course as soon as as I realized it I starting thinking too much about it and it all fall apart and I had a hard time getting back into sync.

Normally I would have a good soak but when I got hom hubby informed me that something was wrong with the waterheater. The pilot light was out and he couldn't get it lit again. waaarrrggghhhh. So today everything is tight but I have to say that I slept like the dead last night. Called the repair guy this morning and he had replace a thermol cup link or something like that. Did some yard work, not too much but I was afraid that my back would tighten up too much if I did nothing.
Tonight I'm planning a nice hot bath with nice smelly salts and the meanest muscle relaxing type cream I can find. I use to use "Tiger Balm Red Hot" but that doesn't do the trick any more so maybe time to go to white hot? It would match the feeling I already have back there *G*


frenchpeas said...

Sounds like an epic battle between you and the dragon! But, I know you'll win. Keep at it and in a month or so you'll be wondering why you haven't done this forever!

Scott Oden said...

For some reason I keep flashing back to the slave galley scene from Ben-Hur :)

Sorry you hurt, though :(

FeyRhi said...

Thanks frenchie. I'm sure there will be many more moments of my questioning my sanity...and some of those will be while I am practicing.

Believe me Scott, for a while it felt like I was in that scene. Except for the whips of course, that isn't an accepted form of encouragement, I think they would enjoy it too much.