Tuesday, May 16, 2006

An overcast drizzly morning

While I would never say I live a 'normal' life (really who would want to anyways? Boring!) I think we may have gotten back to, or as close to it as possible.

Hubster finally god a job, thank the gods! He started yesterday. Today is my day off. If you don't realize what that means...

I am all alone right now.

The house is silent except for the cliking of the clothes rolling around in the dryer and T.C's occasional yeowl. Peace has return to my life. A chance to write with out interruption of any sort. What am I doing?

Procrastinating! LOL ok so some things never change.

I have so much to do, Teaghan's birthday is at the end of the week. The Sparks/Brownie advancement ceremony is tomorrow. I haven't seen the floor in my laundry room in weeks, not to mention the state of my bathrooms. Add to that the fact that if I don't get some serious work done on this book it will never be finished and I will not be an author when I grow up.

Of course all those things aren't going away and they will still be waiting in another half an hour. For a little while longer I am enjoying the quiet.

I wish this tree looked like this all summer. It's so pretty right now, the robins nest is hidden in the middle of a big clump of flowers. They must have hatched earlier then I thought because I saw a small one swoop into the tree earlier today. Must have been a practice run. Not to mention that T.C. has been sitting on the window ledge watching the tree while licking her chops. Silly kitty, it's not all you can eat wings night.

I had to take a picture of this; it cracks me up. You can see where hubby skipped over the birds nest. He said he'll wait a few more weeks before checking to see if they have all left the nest. What do you want to bet he waits till the end of the summer just to be safe. Big softie.

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