Thursday, April 20, 2006

My muse has lousy timing...

Yesterday was gorgeous, Today is gorgeous. Apparently the weekend is going to suck rocks. Why you might ask? Because I have it off!

Perhaps I'm a bit self absorbed today
(what do you mean the world doesn't revolve around me?)

Hubby and I wandered around one of the garden centres in town and made up a list for what we need for around the house. As long as my lottery numbers come through then there shouldn't be a problem paying for it all. But we did pick up some grass seed and a couple packages of bulbs. Now I have grungy fingernails but in a couple months I should have some kick ass planters out my window. I love planting stuff, and occasionally they actually grow too.

Now I'm in the mood to write and I am so tempted to phone in sick to work, I mean take a "Mental Health Day" *G* I'm on afternoons and the thought of leaving while the muse has finally found some time to hang with me is very frustrating. I won't though 'cause I am an idiot with an overblown guilty conscious. But I do plan on hiding in the back with my notebooks and seeing what kind of ideas I can come up with.

I may have to go in there but that doesn't mean I will actually do what I am saposed to if I can scam my way out of it. Besides my evil ass(t). manager is working the same shift. So the more time I can spend with out looking at his bald head the better.

Being an avid knitter I find this poster particularly inspiring. I think it's the big, long.....scarf.


Mechele Armstrong said...

I think I need to take up knitting...

LOL and hope the weekend didn't suck rocks.

FeyRhi said...

I can teach you if you want but I think learing from HIM would be so much better....I mean look at the size of his needle! LOL The weekend weather leaves something to be desired, and cleaning is never really fun but visiting my girlfriend and her family was the BEST! and I'm looking forward to my dragon-boat practice tomorrow.