Friday, April 14, 2006

Just sit your damn butt in the chair and write!!

So I have a new meter added to my blog. My Regency meter. Apparently my brain has declared mutiny and no longer wishes to concentrate on my paranormal project. Why you might ask? Beats the hell out of me? Scares me even more.

I decided that this was going to be my year. I will have something finished and submitted somewhere by the end of December. That is my goal. We are 4 months in to the year and all ready the small negative voice in the back of my head is wondering is this is yet another delusion of grandeur?

I read other people work and it is so well written, funny, entrancing and I wonder what am I even doing attempting to tackle a novel? There is no way I could ever churn out something of that quality.

I do have cyber buddies who have read my work and enjoyed it but those pieces have been short amounts. A paragraph here. A page there. Do I have what it takes to finish a full length book? Can I keep a reader’s attention for over 200 pages?

To top off this massive attack on insecurity, I just stalled out in the middle of my first major project. What the hell? I have the basics written from beginning to end. What is left is filling in the gaps, fleshing out the characters. There are some pretty big holes and bumps that need to be fixed, and yet my brain has changed gears.

Gone is the contemporary paranormal mindset. Hello Regency England

I’ve been avoiding reading that time period in hope of keeping such thoughts at bay.

I’m not going to get anything done if I keep starting projects and not finishing them. (I might have developed a habit of that in my life)

I thought that perhaps a break would be a good thing. Let me look on it with fresh eyes in a couple weeks. Perhaps I have been obsessing about it too much and need some objectivity? I hope that is all. I just feel like I should have something done by now.


Jenn said...

Dear fruitcake,

Please picture me making a mean face at you. Now, then, with that in you mind, know that the so-called 'middle slump' is a problem common to all writers. Especially my freakie self that goes.. ooh I have an idea bout THIS, after which I go off in a tangent. Lots of writers have it. Just stay focused, write down a premise on whatever has you chomping to write about it, and then keep trying to write your paranormal.
Even if you chuck what you wrote the next day, you did something. Chances are though, you'll say, mm, I can do this and that to it and go on from there. I'm at the worse part for me on one, the end. Yeck.. I hate them.. bah.
Hugs and Good Luck!!
ps Happy Easter!!

FeyRhi said...

Fruitcake?? Please tell me you were thinking of the kind with marzapan topping (mmmmmmmmarzipan)

Thank you muchly for the supportive kick in the pants. I needed it. I'll keep the 'middle slump' in mind and stop beating myself up over it.

Your at the end of another one! WooHoo and we are reaching the last couple weeks till your first gets released. I can't wait.*muah*

Thanks again! Hope the bunny way good to you!