Friday, April 28, 2006

If someone finds my week, can you tell me where it went?

The past 7 days have managed to absolutly FLY by. I know it happens when you are having fun but apparently being busy as hell has the same effect. So far this week I have...

~visited a friend I haven't seen in over 10 years (hi mucka!!)
~had my first dragon boat practice (and 2 days of a very stiff back)
~worked in the store 3 days got ready for the biweekly wine release this weekend
~got 90% of my laundry done (that lasted 1.5 days now I have a hill on the floor again)
~attended monthly vintage tasting
~regular weekly 'Sparks' meeting
~worked an Australian Wine tasting in Toronto
~had the beginnings of 'the talk' with my daughter (that was terrifying) we managed to get the basics down and the fact that you need a seed from both mommy and daddy to make a baby. Thank the gods she didn't think far enough to ask HOW the pieces find each other. That bomb will hit anyday now I know it. No doubt while we are standing in line at the grocery store.

Now I'm not sure if I need a large glass of red wine or just go to sleep.

The Australian Wine event was in the Distillery District. I had never been down there before and I was an hour early, thinking that the traffic would be worse. I wish I had gotten there even earlier. I wandered around the place with my notebook, had filled 4 pages of notes before I knew it.
(Here is where I insert that I cannot stress enough to carry a notebook with you at all time because you never know when inspiration will strike)
This place was fasinating, I'll have to transcribe my notes to see if I can give you a feel for the place. The pictures on the website don't do it justice, especially if you go down some of the smaller walkways between buildings.

I swear I have another book on the back burner of my thoughs, unless I can use this place in one of my current ideas....hhhmmmmm

OK have to get tough with myself again LOL I'm off to write, the one thing I haven't gotten enough done on this week. So glass of wine, a few thousand words and then some sleep. Don't have to work till noon tomorrow so I can hang in my jammies for a bit in the morning. WooHoo!!


Tori Lennox said...

Whew! Just reading about your week makes me tired. :)

FeyRhi said...

LOL and all the was in addition to the normal mommy/wife/housekeeper duties that are too boring to rant about.
But still most of it was fun (anything other then laundry and cleaning is cool) but damn am I glad the week is over. At this exact moment I am finally enjoying the glass of wine I was considering yesterday. A New Zealand Cabernet/Merlot blend called "Matua", one of my favourites *G*

Anonymous said...

tried that wine....yum I love it

des said...

That was me