Monday, April 10, 2006

Could it be? Dare I say it out loud?

No I had better not comment on the weather. If I do then it is sure to snow next week. All I can say is that if the weather report is correct then tomorrow is going to rock and it is my day off!!!

I will admit I don't have any plans to write. I'm going to be out in my garden, cleaning it up getting it ready for all the strange things I will do to it this year. For those that don't know, we just bought this house at the end of last summer. The beds at the front of the house are home to a bunch of huge bushes that pratically hide half of it. Also there are all these pieces of dark bark they were useing for ground cover. UGH!

I need colour and wierd looking flowers. Gotta feed the creativity.

Tomorrows plans also include my helping hubby trim down the crab apple tree. Hmmm that should be interesting. I predict many curse words and my saying "Just a little more to the left"

I cannot wait till the tree blooms. It was so pretty last year in May. I'll post a picture of it as the flowers don't last long. They fall off and the crab apples grow. Then the apples fall off and feed all the rabbits in the neighborhood *G*

I'm just so thrilled to have a couple days that are going to be on the warm side. It is such a blast to my creativity. I zoned completely out on the drive home from work today. Window rolled down, music way too loud, cruising down the highway just creating scenes in my head. On my current WIP you might ask? NO my brain couldn't be that co-operative but I do have some really interesting ideas for one of my historicals.

Another though occurred to me today, on a completely different topic. The sizes on my hubby's and my pants are almost identical, just reversed.
His buys a 34waist/30inseam (I buy him 32 so he doesn't look like a dork if they shrink)
MY pants are a 30waist/34inseam. Wierd huh? He is still taller then me by an inch despite my legs being longer. Just one of those odd thoughts that hit me.

Any Miami Ink fans? (Tuesday nights on TLC.)

I love that show. Hubby gave me the oddest look when I admitted to having a 'thing' for Ami.

Don't care what he thinks, that man has to have a starring role in one of my books. Not sure which one yet but all that badassed attitude is just begging for a stong woman to stand up to him and drive him nuts. *BG*

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