Friday, April 21, 2006

It will never be finished at this rate.

I've decided that I have to get tuff with myself. That means a determined cutback on allowing myself any forms of procrastination. Day dreaming about when I am an official author has to stop...well at least cut down a bit.

I made a comment on Scott Oden's blog about what gives me the GEM's (green eyed monster). For me it is hearing about how people are able to balance more then one writing project. Don't get me wrong, I think they are all the more amazing for it and wish I could do it too. I have a hard enough time staying focused on one.

Then I actually started writing another one! What, was I nuts?

So the Regency WIP counter is gone. The story and characters are still here and pressing for attention but I'm taking Scott's advice and concentrating on one project at a time. When I reach my goal, it will be kinda like a reward to continue on with the next project. There is also the added bonus of not having to start with a blank screen.

What I have started doing is while I work on the first one' I keep a seperate window open. That is for when ideas insist on forcing their way to the surface. I jot them down, point form, purge them and then focus back on my current work. So far so good. *fingers crossed*


Bob said...

For some people I know, starting new stories is how they procrastinate from finishing old stories. Every time they start a new story, I just want to shout What happened to the one I was reading? Oh well, lost cause, I figure.

I think about new stories while I'm writing current ones. When I finished my first book, I started three new stories, all with different characters, thinking I'd be able to switch up as necessary. Didn't quite happen, but all three of those stories are waiting to be finished someday.

While finishing a second book based on characters from my first, I came up with some scenes for a third for these characters, including a starting point and one plot point that will take it through about a third of the book, I think. But when push came to shove, that had to go to the background while I finished the second book. Now that I'm in the rewrite phase, I'm more able to think about plot lines for the third, except for the necessity to work. I figure that when I get my million-dollar contract, I'll hire a baby sitter and concentrate on writing, though I will miss the frequent pleadings and time-outs to play Playstation several times a day.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Right I'm working on more than one story and holding my own. My favorite way to write is one at a time. And I hope to go back to doing that once I get at least two projects off the ground.

But I'm with you, I envy people who can write on five different things at one time and not pull their hair out.

FeyRhi said...

Feel free to shout at me anytime Bob I need the kick in the pants sometimes *G* I can't wait to hear that you have picked up a multi-book contract although I'm sure you would still find playstation time even if you did have a babysitter.

You so rock Michele. Not only are you working on multi projects under different names you also have been writing a fun story just for your website. Which I can't wait to read the next installment!