Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Bunny Day!!

I hope the bunny was good to everyone out there. My little ones are currently tearing around the backyard with their cousins. Hopefully working off a massive sugar rush. I am enjoying a bit of post turkey mellowness and have commandered my little bro's computer to knock off a bit of a blog.

While Easter isn't really a holiday I celebrate, I do enjoy the emjoy the excuse to get together with my family. I took a last minute trip up north this weekend for a fly-by visit. My sister-in-law cooked up a massive amount of food for everyone. Delish! expecially since I didn't have to cook it *G*

My youngest brother couldn't get the night off work, so I took a big dish of dinner and dessert down to him. At least I got a chance to visit with him, and secured a promise that he will be by in the morning for coffee.

Personally this is what I think holidays should be about. Less fussiness over religion and more attention on family. That's what I enjoy about them.

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