Saturday, July 21, 2007


TC IS HOME!!!!!!!!

Hubby just came running in the door 30 minutes ago, calling me saying he is sure is just saw her run across the back yard. 2 seconds later I am calling her name under the back hedge freaking out because I can hear her bell and her meowing but I couldn't find her. I was about to crawl through the hedge and over the fence into the neighbor's yard when he pulled her out from a bit farther down from me. Poor thing is terrified and shaking. She keeps darting looks at Karma so I'm sure she has been chased by a couple dogs and a few of those bastard racoons.

I admit I cried my eyes out when I finally got her curled up in my arms kissing her head. Gving her shit for running away. Poor wee thing has lost weight not that she could afford it. She's been at her dinner bowl 4 times since being back in the house. I know I haven't slept well without her over the last 5 nights. She has a habit curling next to my tummy and I have so missed her purring.

I have to go hug her and cry a bit more into her fur. Stupid cat, I love her so much.

Many thanks to everyone who was keeping good thoughts for me and reassuring me.


Paxa said...

WOO-HOO!! TC is home! *doing the happy dance*

FeyRhi said...

Yes I was a blubbering sap. I was just so relieved that the racoons hadn't gotten her.