Thursday, July 05, 2007

The BBQ and aftermath....

See I did get her toes done in time. Then of course she insisted on haveing her fingernails done too. Looked so cool that I did mine as well LOL

The big BBQ went well, it was crazy as all get out and I felt like I ran around all day but I got some great pictures of all the kids. Once the sun went down the temperature did too, so everyone ended up putting on sweatshirts and I was grabbing blankets from the house to take to the park. The boys...I mean grown men who act like boys around pyrotechnics set up all the fireworks. We had a bunch from the States which is really cool 'cause you can get much better ones down there then we have access to here. Inbetween the ones they were fireing off we could see the really big ones going off at Bronte Harbour. That with what seemes like an endless supply of sparklers and I thought it was a great end to our Canada Day party. On Monday we just flaked out and watched TV or read books. Neither Chris or I had any energy to get a thing done.

Speaking of tv have you ever heard of Veronica Mars? Oh man it is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I'm addicted like crack I swear. But typical the way my luck runs I discover it just in time to find out that it has been cancelled. Apparently it has been around for 3 seasons. I am just about through watching Season One on DVD. I want more!!! Just a little fix and I'll be ok, I swear.


Myfanwy said...

You are such a good Mum

Daphne Turner said...

Happy Canada Day! Love the flags. :)

Paxa said...

Way cool manicure! Sound like you had a great time.

And since you didn't mention it, gues the guys didn't blow off any body parts. Like Martha Stewart says, that's a good thing *G*

FeyRhi said...

Thanks mum, you were weren't bad yourself *G*

Hiyas Daph, It's amazing what a little red and white nailpolish can do. I would imagine trying to duplicate your flag would be much more difficult.

Yes all body parts are present and accounted for Paxa *BG* The only injury was my hubby who managed to burn a finger....again. He sported a blister for a few days but no permanent injury.